REI Webinar Introduction

Presented by Rex LaMore

The director of the MSU Center for Community and Economic Development takes some time introduces the Regional Economic Innovation project and the webinar series.


St. Martha's Commons Community Vision

Presented by Richard Wooten, Patrick Crawford, Michael French, Chris Hughes, and Melinda McIntosh

Take a look at a new development plan put together by students at Michigan State University for St. Martha's Commons and the surrounding area in Detroit. See the possibilities that surround the property and the Ford family cemetery.


Food Innovation Districts

Presented by Kathryn Colasanti, Michelle Leppek, Nick Dansby, Kirstie Sieloff, and Sarah Lucas

In another student based project, check out the idea of Food Innovation Districts which link local producers and consumers to each other to help promote the creation of a regional food system and further economic development in the area.


Building a Strong, Green, Community-Based Economy Through Cooperation

Presented by Deborah Olson

Deborah Olson brings her personal experience with co-ops to explain how Detroit can follow previous models, both national and international, to create a new community-based economy.


Microenterprise Development in Michigan: Assessing Coverage, Access and Outreach

Presented by Claire Glenn

This presentation showcases newly-developed maps detailing the current availability and coverage gaps in microenterprise resources across the state as well as strategies for expanding and improving access to these resources.