For the young girls who travel long distances to go to school in the rural areas of most developing countries such as Tanzania, not having access to clean water and adequate latrines is an unbearable load. This socio-economic challenge contributes to increased public health problems, sexual harassment, and interferes with the girls' educational accomplishments.  

With the long-term goal of increasing educational opportunities, health, and safety for females in Tanzania, our team WBT (Women Building Tanzania) initiative, together with Estim Construction and Dhow Nature Foods, has been working on improving the water infrastructure and latrine issues at the Kiparang'anda primary school in Tanzania. We are very pleased now that the water issue at the school has been resolved after the water tank upgrades and additional electrical enhancements were completed by Estim construction. We extend our deepest gratitude to all our partners and the school administration for the hard work and commitment to our mission. 

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