Michigan State University is the nation's premier land-grant university, and in that tradition, the MSU Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED) is committed to developing and applying knowledge to address the needs of contemporary society.

Our mission is to advance MSU's land-grant mission by creating, applying, and disseminating valued knowledge through responsive engagement, strategic partnerships, and collaborative learning. We are dedicated to co-creating sustainable prosperity and equitable economies with communities.

Since its establishment in downtown Lansing, Michigan, in 1969, CCED, in partnership with public and private organizations, has developed and conducted numerous innovative programs that address local concerns while building the capacity of students, scholars and communities to address future challenges. Student, faculty, and community involvement is a crucial element of the CCED's mission. The CCED focuses its resources on the unique challenges of distressed communities throughout the state of Michigan.

In carrying out the mission of the CCED we:

  • Create and support an innovative learning environment for collaborative learning in community and economic development
  • Provide training and direct assistance designed to increase the capabilities of community-based organizations, private enterprises and public institutions
  • Conduct research that assists in the development and implementation of effective problem-solving strategies
  • Provide a multidisciplinary capacity to respond to the complex, interrelated issues of distressed communities
  • Promote and expand MSU's capacity to provide needed training, direct assistance, and research to address the issues of communities