Student Opportunities

At the Michigan State University Center for Community and Economic Development (MSU CCED) we create and practice a culture of engaged learning for faculty, staff, students, professionals, and community members. MSU CCED contributes to the revitalization of communities and regions throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes area through a collaborative, networking process.

As a unit of Michigan State University, we are comitted to the unique mission set by our nation’s land-grant institutions. With our land-grant mission in mind, MSU CCED offers a variety of paid student work and advanced research projects to help contribute to student learning and the betterment of our society, environment, and community.

At MSU CCED, we offer the following student opportunities:

Student Research Assistantship

At MSU CCED, we offer strategic opportunities for students to gain experience in the generation, application, and communication of information and data generated through projects at MSU CCED.

Student research assistant positions include, but are not limited to: event planning, topical research, communications, and editorial production.  Student research assistants are responsible for:

  • Project planning
  • Research design and implementation
  • Organizing educational, networking, and other events
  • Communication and networking both within and outside the CCED network
  • Program evaluation

Applications are accepted year-round. For more information on student research assistantship opportunities, please contact CCED administration at

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Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Technical Assistance Project

Housed within MSU CCED is the University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI). MSU CCED and REI offer Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Technical Assistance Projects, which intend to give students opportunities to lead programs in providing assistance to Michigan communities under the guidance of acclaimed faculty.

Technical assistance projects allow students to contribute to the completion of local and regional economic development initiatives by providing economic development professionals technical assistance at a higher level than typically available. These projects should:

  • Assist economically distressed communities in Michigan
  • Engage directly with the focused-on community
  • Have a strong economic development component
  • Deliver ideas for creating knowledge-economy jobs and high-growth entrepreneurship

For more information on and application for Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Assistance Projects, please visit the MSU REI website.

Further questions can be directed to CCED Director, Dr. Rex LaMore, and REI’s Project Coordinator, Jenan Jondy, at

Student Orientation

To learn more about the type of work students will parttake in and the larger effort they have the opportunity to be involved in, please watch our orientation video!

Kyle C. Kerbawy Student Research Assistant Endowment

Kyle C. Kerbawy is an alumnus of Michigan State University who received his M.A. in Journalism in the late 1960s. The Kyle C. Kerbawy Student Research Assistant Endowment offers assistantship opportunities to students from various fields of study previously including: Economics, James Madison, Media and Information, Public Policy, and Urban Planning. This endowment is for graduates of the Detroit Public Schools systems who are creative thinkers with excellent writing, comprehension, problem solving, and communication skills and are highly motivated and able to work independently.

For application for the Kyle C Kerbawy Student Research Assistant Endowment, please fill out the above application for Student Research Assistants. For further information on the Kyle C. Kerbawy Endowment, please contact CCED administration at

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John H. Schweitzer Student Research Support Endowment

The John H. Schweitzer Student Research Support Endowment provides students opportunities in presenting their research at conferences from local to international levels. Dr. Schweitzer has been an MSU faculty member for nearly 45 years at MSU CCED (previously the Center for Urban Affairs). Dr. Schweitzer has provided critical intellectual leadership to numerous projects at MSU CCED involving the generation and application of knowledge that has improved the quality of life in both rural and urban communities.

With this fund, Dr. Schweitzer and MSU CCED strives to enable students of all levels at MSU to share results of their research various conferences. Through this endowment, students have been able to experience conferences and workshops including:

  • 2017 Global Youth Economic Opportunity Summit in Arlington, VA
  • 2017 Summer Intensive on Community Engaged Scholarship Workshop
  • 2017 International Conference on Collaborative Innovative Networks Resilience
  • 2016 American Sociology Association Conference in Seattle, WA
  • 2016 Michigan Historic Preservation Conference

For further information about the John H. Schweitzer Student Research Support Endowment, please contact Dr. Schweitzer at

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Independent Study

The MSU Center for Community and Economic Development offers Independent Study experiences which allow students to utilize their work at MSU CCED for course credit. Independent study at Michigan State University requires approval of a student’s faculty advisor, and is supervised by CCED faculty. Independent study is a highly individualized course of learning which must comply with department, MSU CCED, and University guidelines for independent study.

For information on department and University guidelines for independent study, please contact your faculty advisor.

For further information on independent study at MSU CCED, please contact CCED administration at