Photo of Charlotte Peterson

Charlotte Peterson

Student Research Assistant 

Charlotte Peterson has joined our team of research assistants this spring. She is a soon to be graduate of Michigan State’s Urban and Regional Planning undergraduate program, with plans to pursue a master’s degree next year. Beyond academia, Charlotte enjoys exploring personal interests such as hiking and honing her culinary skills in the kitchen. She also has a love for travel and to discover new cities whenever the opportunity arises.

One of her roles at CCED is continuing research on the topic of construction and demolition debris diversion. Including a future update of the CCED’s previous publication, A Guide to Local Ordinances: Deconstruction and the Management of C&D Material Waste.

Another of Charlotte’s roles at the Center for Community and Economic Development, is continuing research on community benefit planning and community benefit agreements. She has been preparing for the "Thinkers and Doers'' event with the topic of community benefit planning at the end of March.