Photo of Kiera Tierney

Kiera Tierney

​Student Research Assistant

Kiera Tierney is a Junior at Michigan State University. She is studying international relations at James Madison College and is pursuing a double minor in business and political economy. Kiera is passionate about her studies and looks forward to using what she has learned to help communities recognize and disparities in equity and build strategies to remove the barriers. She believes enabling economic development in communities by sharing valued knowledge through collaborative and innovative methods is essential for ensuring fair and equitable management. Kiera joined the CCED in February 2024 and is working with Dr. LaMore to advance the Circular Economy Initiative. Kiera plans to pursue a domestic and international public affairs career, ideally engaging in social, political, and economic issues to advocate for equality and equity. Kiera is excited about her work at the center and hopes to continue to contribute to the pursuit of creating environmental and economic improvements.