By: Heather Mahoney, Research Assistant

The CCED has recently started a podcast series called Community and University. A podcast is similar to a radio show, but instead is available for streaming or download on a computer or mobile device. Our podcast is in an interview format, where we invite guests who have done work with or related to the CCED, REI, or other community issues throughout the state and ask them questions related to their work or experience. We decided to start making podcasts as a new way to reach community members throughout the state as well as university students, especially at Michigan State University. Some of the first podcasts include two recent authors of REI projects: one who is currently researching and another who finished his project in 2015. The podcasts give a simple, yet detailed overview of these projects. Our guests are well spoken, insightful, and enthusiastic about their field of work. However, because our podcasts are designed to be quick listens, 10-15 minutes, each episode itself, as well as the site where the episode is posted, will have information on ways to learn more about the topic of the episode. The podcasts are a great way to become more informed about current issues throughout the state and learn ways to make your community better as well. These episodes and more will soon be available for listen under the social media tab on our new website under Podcasts.

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