REI Update and Call for Projects

By Jennifer Bruen

The MSU EDA Regional Economic Innovation University Center at the MSU Center for Community and Economic Development is calling for project proposals. Project partners leverage knowledge and resources to create, identify, and develop new economic development strategies and practices, and perform technical assistance for communities in Michigan. Would you like to economically strengthen a Michigan community through an innovative economic development tool, model, policy or practice? Apply for one of these project opportunities to support your research and a distressed community! 

Co-Learning Plans: Collaborative Efforts Producing Insightful Results

The REI University Center is calling for Co-Learning Plan projects. Are you an expert or extremely interested in one of the topic areas below? Are you qualified to produce publishable quality reports? You might be ready to be a 2020 Co-Learning Plan Author!

Check out more on this year’s CLP topics and application process. Applications are due December 6, 2019.

  • Triple Bottom Line Manufacturing Authority
  • The Future of “Work”
  • Ethics in Economic Development
  • Paying for Infrastructure
  • Extended Producer Responsibility


Completed Projects

Mitchell Shapiro on Electric Cooperatives and the Digital Divide

Imagine not having access to high speed internet in your home. This is a reality for many people living in rural communities and it continues to place them at a disadvantage. Over the summer of 2019 Mr. Shapiro developed a Co-Learning Plan that outlines the task of bringing high speed Internet to America's rural communities using electric co-ops.

Opening the Doors to Local Investment

Angela Barbash discusses community-based investment. Ms. Barbash is the CEO and Co-Founder of Revalue, an investment and financial firm.


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