Fall 2019 Michigan Avenue Thinkers and Doers Forum

On November 12th, the CCED held its fall 2019 Michigan Avenue Thinkers and Doers forum. This fall, the topic was the Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority (MACIA). Panel members included Jonathan Lum, chair of the board of directors for MACIA, Yvette Collins, a member of the board, and Laura Reese, professor of urban and regional planning and political science and expert on tax increment financing (TIF). The discussion started with the moderator asking the panel members questions about what MACIA is proposing to do and how it will affect the Eastside. The proposed plans address beautification of the avenue, ease of transportation along the corridor, and new community programming along the corridor. Dr. Reese then shared research on tax increment financing, including examples from around the country and their successes or lack thereof. With over 30 people in attendance, there were many questions from the audience regarding both the financing of the TIF plan and community involvement in MACIA’s decision making. As the plan moves forward, MACIA will remain transparent by seeking public engagement in the spending decisions and holding open meetings in places on Michigan Avenue, such as Sparrow Hospital’s meeting spaces. If you would like to learn more about the Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority, the plan in its entirety can be found on the City of Lansing’s website at https://www.lansingmi.gov/1154/Michigan-Avenue-Corridor-Improvement-Aut

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