Domicology Update

The Domicology team at the CCED has been busier than ever- the paradigm has been making an impact locally, statewide, and nationally. Some of the Domi team’s current projects can be found below:

White Papers

The Domi team has started a series of white papers to help expand the written work on Domicology. The link to the completed papers can be found here. In addition, we would like to encourage others to write their own 1-2 page white paper on any topic related to Domicology! If you have questions regarding our Domicology White Paper Series or would like to write one of your own, please contact Heather at

Innovation Hub Grant Project

The Domicology team at the CCED has been awarded a state grant by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).

The project has two primary objectives:

  1. Conduct pioneering research on value-added reuses of salvaged wood (organic) products present in abandoned structures to bring that material back into the marketplace, and to
  2. Create a statewide salvage/reuse business accelerator that will provide strategic training, technical assistance, and networking to improve the viability of this nascent industry sector and expand businesses’ recycling markets for salvaged materials.

This funding will enable the Domicology team to lead the effort to divert organic material (wood) from the landfill stream and create a viable circular economic sector that can salvage and effectively reuse materials generated from the estimated 226,000 blighted and abandoned residential structures in Michigan.

PDC 403

Lastly, Domicology officially has its own course at MSU! PDC 403: Introduction to Domicology: Sustainable Built Environment, will be taught during the Spring 2020 semester. All majors are welcome to enroll! For more information, contact Rex LaMore at

More information about Domicology can be found at

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