Former Research Assistant Awarded APA Outstanding Planning Student Award

A former CCED research assistant majoring in urban and regional planning, Alex Bahorski, has been awarded the APA Outstanding Planning Student Award for 2020. Alex co-authored Deconstruction Insurance Policy: An Innovative Proposal to End Property Abandonment with Dr. Rex LaMore. This award “recognizes outstanding attainment in the study of planning” within planning programs accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. A committee of MSU Urban and Regional Planning faculty selected Alex as this year’s recipient. After graduation, Alex would like to begin his career as an urban planner and hopes to make a positive impact in a community and protect its future viability. Specifically, he is most interested in environmental planning to address the growing need for sustainable communities and lifestyles. According to Alex, his experience at the Michigan State Center for Community and Economic Development has helped him develop the skills to be successful in this field. In the future, he would like to be a planning director for a municipality where he can enhance and revitalize the community and residents' quality of life. Join us in congratulating him and his accomplishments.

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