Dana Dake: Autonomous Vehicles

Psalm Bingham: Youth Entrepreneurship

Angela Barbash: Community Capital Investing

Risk Takers: Improving Communities through Economic Development

In the past 50 years it has become apparent that traditional economic development practices don’t address the social inequalities and growing income gap in Michigan. In our mission to rethink these methods, The Michigan State University Center for Regional Economic Innovation has engaged with some of the most innovative thinkers and doers. We've tracked down some of these remarkable risk takers from across the state, offering a glimpse into understanding how they are changing the way we do economic development.

Small Business Technology

Connect Michigan has been leading the way to bring the economic and quality of life benefits of broadband to all Michigan residents. This Co-Learning Plan explores the opportunity for hands-on, on-site technology training for Michigan small businesses and suggests a model for local implementation.

Skills Gap

This research focuses on the skills gap in the Michigan manufacturing sector, with an emphasis on how producer firms can play a role to address workforce development obstacles by collaborating with institutions and actors in their local supply chains and industrial clusters.

Senator Carl Levin Thanks REI

U.S. Senator Carl Levin thanks the University Center for Regional Economic Innovation at the 2014 REI Innovate Michigan! Summit.

Pop-Up Business Model

This Co-Learning Plan focused on the tangible tasks, challenges, and best practices associated with development and management of pop-up programs in Detroit and around the nation, using 'REVOLVE Detroit' as a model.

Innovate Michigan! Summit 2014 Highlights

Innovate Michigan! is an annual event hosted by REI, offering presentations of interest to a broad spectrum of participants, including business owners, faculty students, and those in the non-profits industry. Innovate Michigan! provides opportunities to network and learn.

Placemaking and Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects