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National Association of Development Organizations Webinar, May 2010

This session will examine the innovative methods developed in this pilot project and discuss the lessons learned-to-date in transforming a traditional CEDS to a 21st century CIDS. Webinar participants are encouraged to visit the project's web site As the nation's premier web site dedicated to economic development planning in the global knowledge economy, it provides a comprehensive menu of online tools and resources to help planners, economic developers, and local leaders design, and implement effective local and regional development strategies and measure their success in competing in the global knowledge economy. 

Snapshots of Eastern Upper Peninsula's Knowledge Economy, February 2005

This presentation provides an overview of knowledge economy research and situates the 15 counties of the Eastern Upper Peninsula in degrees of readiness to compete in the global knowledge economy using five categories: knowledge jobs, digital economy, innovation, globalization, and economic dynamism. The presentation concludes with the planning implications for the knowledge economy.

Rex L. LaMore and Faron Supanich-Goldner, With support from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration

Leadership Training Program for Public Housing Commissioners and Resident Leaders, October 2002

Lindsey Reames

Housing Commissioner Training Office of Public Housing Michigan State Office, August 2000

Kent County Homeless Study, Fall 2000

This presentation addresses trends in homelessness in Kent County, Michigan. Intake sheets from October 1, 1998 through September 30, 1999 from 13 participating shelters were analyzed to identify overall reasons, lengths of stay, and recidivism. Recommendations and conclusions point to potential improvements in services for the homeless in Kent County.