Institute Panel Presentations

Some panelists chose to give oral presentations.

Panel 1: 

Causes and consequences of the current economic system, including:

  • Basic principles, assumptions and characteristics of the current economy.
  • Social, political and environmental consequences of the current economic model.
  • Sustainability of the current economic paradigm.


         - Dr. Ballard's presentation segment

        - Jim MacInnes's presentation segment

Panel 2:

Successes and failures of the current economic system, including:

  • Gains realized from our current system, such as better technologies, status of global wealth and standards of living.  
  • Negative consequences of our consumer economy, such as income inequality, consumption trends and environmental degradation.
  • The general dominance of one economic system over other models and the environmental, social, and political consequences of the dominant system.
  • Lessons learned and strategies for action toward change.



Panel 3:

Prospects of a new economy, including:  

  • Purpose and description of the new economy.
  • Potential strengths and weakness of the new paradigm.
  • Aspects of the new economy, cultural considerations, scalability, social justice and equality.
  • Impacts on livelihood, businesses, the environment.



Panel 4:

Methods to achieve a greater balance between our economic, social, and environmental systems.

  • Emerging and promising local and global models.
  • The responsibility of wealthy nations to lead a transformation.
  • Organizations and individuals who are, or can assist with a transformation toward the new economic model.
  • Short and long terms strategies and measures to indicate progress.